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Artist Bio

Text Box: About the Pottery
My pots are individually hand thrown and fired in a pit amidst sawdust and local woods.  As the fire burns down, powdered copper is thrown in the pit creating an atmosphere for chemical reaction with the fire, wood and sawdust.  The wonderful colours and patterns are effects of the drama of the firing.
To further increase the contrast and pattern, some of my work is intentionally shattered and the shards fired separately and reassembled.
Horsehair & Feather
These pots are heated again in a kiln and removed while hot enough to sizzle horsehair or feathers on the surface.
Care and Feeding
Pit-fired pottery is fired at a low temperature so it is not waterproof or food safe.  The pieces have been finished with a varnish to protect the colour.  Use a damp cloth to wipe, never soap or solvent.  They are intended to be decorative only, however, they hold a lot of jellybeans.
Located at Rock Island Resort just 12 minutes from Nakusp, Susan's pottery studio and Gallery are an excellent side trip on your way through the Kootenays. 


Hours of Operation: 
May 15- Oct. 15, Wed-Sun. 10am to 4pm 
Oct. 16 - May 14, Mon-Fri. 10am to 3pm 
Or by Chance or Special Arrangement



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If you would like more information on Susan's pottery you can send her an email by Clicking Here.